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MIG UltraScale - Migrating and Upgrading IP into 2015.1


This article covers the User Guides to reference when Migrating and Upgrading IP.


For general information on migrating IP from 2014.4 to 2015.1, refer to (UG973) the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Release Notes, Installation, and Licensing
For general information on upgrading all IP, see the "Upgrading IP" section in (UG896) Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing with IP.
For general information on the Vivado I/O Planner, and migrating MIG IP into Vivado 2015.1 see the "I/O Pin Planning" sections in (UG899) Vivado Design Suite User Guide: I/O and Clock Planning.

Note: If the I/O locations of "sys_clk_p/n" were modified in the top-level XDC constraint file prior to upgrading to 2015.1 then you will need to manually upgrade these constraints into the 2015.1 design.

For a proper upgrade of the MIG design into 2015.1, it is recommended to do the following:
  • MIG Software generates an <ip>_upgrade.xdc file and its path is given in the upgrade.log file for that IP
  • Customer should open the corresponding upgrade.xdc of the MIG IP for which the "sys_clk_p/n" I/O locations have been modified in the pre-2015.1 design
  • Comment out the PIN location constraints.
    For example, if the I/O locations of "sys_clk_p/n" have been changed then the following lines should be commented out:
    • #set_property PACKAGE_PIN AL13 [get_ports "co_sys_clk_n"]
    • #set_property PACKAGE_PIN AL14 [get_ports "c0_sys_clk_p"]
  • Then follow the normal recommended upgrade path defined in the "I/O Pin Planning" Section in (UG899) referenced above.

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