AR# 63852


UltraScale DDR3 - Use of HR banks requires update of the output_impedance of all ports using reset_property command


MIG UltraScale support for HR banks includes DDR3 interfaces only. 

Starting with Vivado 2015.1, I/O Pin Planning has moved from the MIG customization GUI to the Vivado I/O Pin Planner. 

With this change, at the time of MIG IP generation, the I/O column (HP versus HR) is not known. 

As the majority of memory interface designs are located in HP banks, the output impedance required for HR banks is not set. 

Manual modifications are required and detailed within this answer record.


For HR banks, you will have to update the output_impedance of all of the ports assigned to HR banks pins using the reset_property command as follows:

reset_property OUTPUT_IMPEDANCE [get_ports [list <MIG port list> ]] 

Failure to reset the output_impedance will result in the following errors during Place:

ERROR: [DRC 23-20] Rule violation (PORTPROP-9) Attribute compatibility with bank type - Port c0_ddr3_addr[0] has property OUTPUT_IMPEDANCE set, but this property is not compatible with the port's bank type (High Range)

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AR# 63852
Date 01/12/2018
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