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AR# 64049

Vivado Synthesis - Register is not absorbed into block RAM when its reset value or initial value is non-zero


Xilinx block RAMs support an extra register after the RAM.

To access these, the RTL needs to be written so that the register is after the BRAM.

For example :

        always@(posedge clk) begin
           ram_out <= ram[addra];
           dout <= ram_out;

However, in the following cases, the output register in the block RAM will not be used and the Slice register will be used instead.

1. If the register was declared with a non-zero initial value:

      reg [3:0] dout = 4'b0011;

2. If the register had a non-zero reset value:

      always @(posedge clka)
        if (rst)
          dout  <= 4'b0011;
          dout <= ram_out;


If the register has non-zero initial value or reset value, it will not get absorbed into BRAM.

As a work-around, initialize and reset the register with zeros to have the register be absorbed into the BRAM.

AR# 64049
Date 09/23/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
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