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AR# 64051

2015.4 Vivado IP Flows - Generating merged BMM for UltraScale, in Non-project mode gives: WARNING: [Memdata 28-77] Instance path '/mig_0' not part of the source hierarchy top ...


In Vivado Non-Project mode I reference an UltraScale MIG IP using XCI and see the following at link_design.

The MIG ELF file is not correctly populated.

The value for all of the INIT_* is 0.

Generating merged BMM file for the design top 'example_top'...
WARNING: [Memdata 28-77] Instance path '/mig_0' not part of the source hierarchy top 'example_top'! Please make sure that the source hierarchy is correctly established for this current 'top' and the processor modules are part of this hierarchy.
INFO: [Memdata 28-144] Successfully populated the BRAM INIT strings from the following elf files: /proj/mig_0_example/mig_0_example.srcs/sources_1/ip/mig_0/ip_0/sw/calibration_0/Debug/calibration_0.elf


The MIG ELF file is not correctly populated when using Non-Project mode.

This issue is resolved in Vivado 2016.1.

To work around this issue in Vivado 2015.x, manually associate BMM/ELF, as in the following example:

read_checkpoint ***.dcp
add_files **/ip/mig_ultrascale_v6_1_pb/ip_0/sw/microblaze_mcs_v1_2.bmm
set_property SCOPED_TO_REF mig_ultrascale_v6_1_pb_phy [get_files **/ip/mig_ultrascale_v6_1_pb/ip_0/sw/microblaze_mcs_v1_2.bmm]
set_property SCOPED_TO_CELLS inst/phycal/cal/mcs0 [get_files **/ip/mig_ultrascale_v6_1_pb/ip_0/sw/microblaze_mcs_v1_2.bmm]
add_files **/ip/mig_ultrascale_v6_1_pb/ip_0/sw/calibration_0/Debug/calibration_0.elf
set_property SCOPED_TO_REF mig_ultrascale_v6_1_pb [get_files **/ip/mig_ultrascale_v6_1_pb/ip_0/sw/calibration_0/Debug/calibration_0.elf]
set_property SCOPED_TO_CELLS inst/u_mig_qdriip_phy/inst/phycal/cal/mcs0/microblaze_I [get_files **/ip/mig_ultrascale_v6_1_pb/ip_0/sw/calibration_0/Debug/calibration_0.elf]
link_design -top example_top -part xcvu095-ffve1924-2-e-es1
write_bitstream ./test.bit

AR# 64051
Date 04/13/2016
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.2
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.3
  • MIG
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