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Why Don't I See the SIMPRIM Library as in ISE?


If we browse to the library location in Vivado i.e. <Vivado_Install_Location>\data\verilog\src, you would see that there is no folder by the name of simprims which is otherwise present in ISE at location <ISE_Install_Location>\ISE_DS\ISE\verilog\src.

Why Don't I See the SIMPRIM Library as in ISE?


Vivado has further unified the simulation libraries and now we don't have two simulation files for a single primitive. In ISE we used to have files as:

Unisims folder - AND2.v - For Behvaioral/Netlist simulation

Simprims folder - X_AND2.v - For Timing simulation only

These two files are now merged and the resultant file is present in the unisims folder present in location <Vivado_Install_Location>\data\verilog\src\unisims

This is done by using a macro- XIL_TIMING.

Example for AND2 in Vivado:

module AND2B1L #(
  `ifdef XIL_TIMING //Simprim
  parameter LOC = "UNPLACED",
  (DI => O) = (0:0:0, 0:0:0);
  (SRI => O) = (0:0:0, 0:0:0);
    $width (negedge SRI, 0:0:0, 0, notifier);
    $width (posedge SRI, 0:0:0, 0, notifier);
    specparam PATHPULSE$ = 0;
Hence, there is no need of a simprim folder in Vivado like ISE.

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