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AR# 64179

Zynq-7000 - What is the significance of the Processing System 7 setting "Allow access to PS/SLCR register"?


This Answer Record describes the usage of the setting "Allow access to PS/SLCR register".


In the following example I have a MicroBlaze in PL which is a master on the S_AXI_GP0 port of PS7. 

Setting not enabled:

If I do not enable the setting, the Address Map will look like the following:




Setting enabled:

First, enable the setting in the PS7 GUI:


You will see the change reflected in the Address Map:


The Address Space from F800_0000 + is of the SLCR & PS System Registers.

The PL master can now access those registers in the application.

This was not possible without enabling the setting in the PS7 GUI.

AR# 64179
Date 05/18/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.4.1
  • Processing System 7
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