AR# 6422


10.1 ISE - Setting up/installing a printer for Xilinx workstation tools


How do you set up the printer for a workstation tool (such as, the Timing Analyzer, Floorplanner, EPIC, or the FPGA Editor)?


Follow these steps to set up/install a printer:

1. Start the application that you want to print from, such as theTiming Analyzer or the Floorplanner.

2. Select File -> Print.

3. In the Printer Dialog, select "Properties" to open the Printer Setup dialog box.

4. Select "Install" to open the Printer Installation dialog box.

5. Select "Add Printer ..." to open the Add Printer dialog box.

6. Select "Define New Port..." to open the Ports dialog box.

7. In the "Edit Port:" field, enter a port name and command; for example: "printer=lp". Click Add-Replace.

8. In the Printer Devices window, select the correct printer and select the newly created port. Select "Add Selected" and then select "Dismiss".

9. Select "Dismiss" in the Printer Installation dialog box.

10. In the Printer Setup dialog, select "Options". Select the newly added printer. Click "OK" and then click "Save".

11. Click "OK" to print the document.

AR# 6422
Date 04/20/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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