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AR# 64230

2016.1 Vivado - After reseting a run with the -noclean option, a new run is not created when implementation is run again


According to the reset_run help, if the -noclean option is used then "when the run is reimplemented, a new run directory will be created in the project runs directory."

-noclean_dir - (Optional) Do not clean up the run files output to the run directory. As a default the tool will delete the run directory and all files within that directory when resetting the run in order to ensure a clean start when the run is reimplemented.
This argument directs the tool not to remove the run directory and its content when resetting the run. In this case, when the run is reimplemented a new run directory will be created in the project runs directory.

This is not happening. The -noclean works in that directory and data is not deleted. However, when the run is re-implemented, the files in the existing directory are overwritten.

If any of the files are in use or have write permission disabled, the user will see errors such as the following (Depending on the file):

ERROR: [Common 17-36] Cannot write file [<File name>]: Permission denied

ERROR: [Common 17-176] Overwrite of existing file isn't enabled. Please specify -force to overwrite file [<File name>]

ERROR: [Common 17-222] Fail to create message file <process>.pb. Please check permission of the directory.


Vivado should create a new directory named impl_1_1 or similar if a run is launched after this command:

reset_run impl_1 -noclean_dir.

Until this issue is fixed, you should create a new run when creating multiple iterations of an implementation that require the output files preserved.

AR# 64230
Date 04/13/2016
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite
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