AR# 64250

KCU105 - UG917 (v1.1), Figure 1-22 shows pin 88 twice


Figure 1-22 of UG917 (v1.1) KCU105 Board User Guide shows pin 88 twice on the ADV7511.

The SPDIF signal from the HDMI_SPDIF signal should be on pin 10, as indicated in Table 1-18.


In UG917 (v1.1) Figure 1-22, The U52 ADV7511 SPDIF is assigned to pin number 88.

This should be pin 10.

HDMI_D0, pin D8 is correct on pin 88.

Figure 1-22 is corrected in UG917 (v1.2).

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AR# 64250
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