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AR# 64274

2015.1 Vivado UltraScale Partial Reconfiguration - RESET_AFTER_RECONFIG property is not displayed in Graphical User Interface (GUI)


In Vivado 2015.1, I cannot see the RESET_AFTER_RECONFIG property in the Properties window of a Reconfigurable Partition pblock in my Partial Reconfiguration design targeting UltraScale devices.

Is this expected behavior?


This is the expected behavior for UltraScale devices.
Since there is no height requirement of Pblocks for RESET_AFTER_RECONFIG capability in UltraScale devices, the RESET_AFTER_RECONFIG property is always TRUE and there is no need for the user to set it.
If a user sets the RESET_AFTER_RECONFIG property for non 7 series designs, the following DRC HDPR-32 warning message will be reported:

HDPR-32 Warning Reconfigurable Pblock '<pblock_name>' has RESET_AFTER_RECONFIG property set.  This property is not necessary for this target device. 

Removing the RESET_AFTER_RECONFIG property in the GUI for non 7 series designs will help to avoid this incorrect setting.
AR# 64274
Date 04/30/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
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