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AR# 64333

Vivado - Breakpoint setting does not work in GUI when the source file has a space in its path


I have opened a source file, and I see lines marked where I can set break points.

However, when I try to set a break point at one of these lines (for example, line 55), I receive the following error:

ERROR: [Common 17-165] Too many positional options when parsing '55', please type 'add_bp -help' for usage info.


This error occurs when the file has a space in its path, for example:

C:/test project/project_1/project_1.srcs/sim_1/imports/sources/bft_tb.v

The Tcl command echoed in the Tcl Console does not take this into account and breaks up the path:
add_bp C:/test project/project_1/project_1.srcs/sim_1/imports/sources/bft_tb.v 55

To work around the issue, add a curly bracket or double quote to the path with the space in it via Tcl:

For example:

add_bp "C:/test project/project_1/project_1.srcs/sim_1/imports/sources/bft_tb.v" 55

This issue will be fixed in the Vivado 2015.3 release.

AR# 64333
Date 04/22/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
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