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AR# 64353

2014.x Vivado Simulator - SAIF dumping for a top level that has no ports fails by enabling xsim.simulate.saif in Simulation Settings


I am running behavioral simulation with the "xsim.simulate.saif" option turned on in Simulation settings.

I wish to dump SAIF for my top level file.


`timescale 1ns/1ps

module top( );

wire w;
reg r;
assign w = r;
initial begin
r = 1'b1;
r = 1'b0;
r = 1'b1;
r = 1'b0;

However, I am receiving the following error:

ERROR: [Simtcl 6-54] No matching object to log found

while executing
"log_saif [get_objects -filter {type==in_port || type==out_port || type==inout_port} /top/uut/*]"
(file "top.tcl" line 11)


As seen from the error message, the following command line is generated by default.

log_saif [get_objects -filter {type==in_port || type==out_port || type==inout_port} /top/uut/*]

The tool assumes that the instance name for the design under test is "uut" when "xsim.simulate.uut' is not specified.

It also filters top level ports by default for behavioral simulation.

For the module "top" in this case, neither the uut nor the filter search pattern matches.

So the command call fails as expected.

In Vivado 2015.1, a new bool property 'xsim.simulate.all_signals' is added, with the default set to 'false'.

If this property is set to 'true', the simulation flow will get all objects including top level ports on the 'uut', so that you can get the power estimation for all signals.

The error can be fixed by setting the properties as below:

set_property XSIM.SIMULATE.UUT "/top/*" [current_fileset -simset]
set_property XSIM.SIMULATE.SAIF_ALL_SIGNALS 1 [current_fileset -simset]

AR# 64353
Date 05/25/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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