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JESD204 v6.1 - Patch Update for JESD204 core in Vivado 2015.1


This Answer Record contains patch updates for JESD204 v6.1.

This patch is compatible with Vivado 2015.1.

The patch is no longer needed in Vivado 2015.2 and later versions.


JESD204 v6.1 Patch

For a detailed list of JESD204 Release Notes and Known Issues see (Xilinx Answer 54480)

Patch Installation :

  1. Navigate to the $XILINX_VIVADO/patches directory (create this directory if it does not exist).

    (See (Xilinx Answer 60154) for steps to set your XILINX_VIVADO environment variable so that it points to your Xilinx installation).

  2. Extract the contents of the ".zip" archive to a directory there, and call the directory AR64524.

    Note: most extraction tools will allow you to automatically create a directory with the same name as the zip file.

  3. Run Vivado software tools from the original install location.

Fixed issues :

  • JESD204 Rx is incorrectly regaining SYNC after loss caused by alignment errors before receiving BCs.
  • JESD204 Rx Subclass 2 configurations are not correctly aligning SYNC output to internal LMFC.

For a detailed description of the issues please see (Xilinx Answer 64445)


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