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AR# 64561

2015.1 Install - Launching xsetup (Vivado installer) exits immediately and does not create an install log file


On Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, I attempt to install Vivado but it fails with either the Web Install or the single file download (SDF) install.

  • The web installer downloads and extracts the install but then immediately exits without creating any logs files.
  • The SFD xsetup does not launch and there is no feedback and no log is created.


You need admin privileges to install Vivado 2015.1 on Windows OS.

This means you will need to do one of the following:

  • Have your system admin give you temporary access to install the tools.
  • Have your system admin install the tools for you.

    Use the option to set up shortcuts for all users.

This issue has also been seen if a user does not have C:/Windows/System32 in their system PATH.

Specifically, net.exe needs to be found on the system in order for the installer to run.

In Vivado 2015.2, the full path to net.exe (C:/Windows/System32/net.exe) will be used to avoid this possibility.

For Vivado 2015.1, you must add C:/Windows/System32/ to your PATH variable.

Right click on xsetup.exe and run as an administrator.

AR# 64561
Date 07/13/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
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