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AR# 64656

2015.x Install - The Installer could not connect to the internet


Attempting to install Vivado I get a message saying:

Could Not Connect To Internet:

The Installer could not connect to the internet. Please verify connectivity and/or update proxy settings.

Note: Clicking on ignore will let you select and "install from a previously downloaded archive"


Install log:

If the installer has started successfully, a new log file will be created.

The log file contains the details of the installation flow.

If a Xilinx customer support case is created related to a failing or incomplete installation the install.log file should always be provided to the Technical Support representative.

Install log file location:

  • On Windows 7 or 8.1 the install log file is located in the C:\Users\<username>\.Xilinx\xinstall directory, or for XP in %TEMP%\.Xilinx\xinstall.

  • On Linux the log file is located under /home/<username>/.Xilinx/xinstall

Internet Connection:

The installer will always try to connect to the internet, even when running from a DVD.

This is required to notify users about the availability of newer Xilinx Software releases.

If the installer is not able to connect to the internet, the user will see the message below:

These windows can be cancelled (Select Ignore) and the user can continue with the installation.

In the case of a DVD/Full product installation image the user will be able to complete the installation without internet connection.

For web based installation, the user must provide a Xilinx.com user ID and password in the installations second panel.

If an internet connection could not be established or in case the proxy requires authentication the user will be prompted with the following.

Click on Change Proxy Settings to provide the necessary proxy related details.


Users must provide a valid xilinx.com (including full export compliance) User ID and password to continue the installation process.

When authentication fails the following message is received.

Invalid User Login:
Authentication error: Invalid User ID or Password.
Please verify your User ID and/or Password and try again.

If a user only has local administrator rights, they may not have access to the internet.

In this case, some option are:

  • Download the full install archive SFD (Single File Download).
  • Have the administrator install the software and then each user can run the setup shortcuts by running C:\Xilinx\.xinstall\Vivado_2015.1\bin\networkShortcutSetup.exe

AR# 64656
Date 05/29/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
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