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AR# 64657

2015.1 Vivado - WebTalk still sends data, from stand-alone tools, even though it has been disabled


When using Vivado LabTools or Vivado Simulator, or any Xilinx tool chain which launches labtools / simulator standalone (for example, SDK, Sysgen, Vivado_HLS), WebTalk is automatically sending data even though I have set the commands to disable it.

In the Tcl Console, the following commands are used to disable WebTalk:

config_webtalk -user off
config_webtalk -install off

Running "config_webtalk -info" shows that the commands were properly run:

config_webtalk -info
INFO: [Coretcl 2-122] WebTalk has been enabled by the current user.
INFO: [Coretcl 2-121] WebTalk has been disabled for the current installation.
INFO: [Coretcl 2-110] This combination of user/install settings means that WebTalk is currently disabled.

However, usage data is still being gathered and sent.


How WebTalk configuration works:

The Tcl command config_webtalk is supported in Vivado and accepts two arguments, user on/off and install on/off.

During installation, there is a webtalk check-box that is on by default, but this can be toggled off by the user.

The value of this checkbox is saved inside a file located in the installation area.

For example:


If a user uses the config_webtalk -install Tcl command in Vivado, via a Tcl script or from within the Tcl Console, the value of the install setting is stored in this same file mentioned above (/data/webtalk/webtalksettings).

The user setting is stored in a different file such as:





Both of these settings must be ON in order for WebTalk to transmit.

Note: In the Vivado Implementation flow, Webtalk does check for the WebPACK license feature name.

If a WebPACK license is found and is being used instead of an "Edition" license, the WebTalk user and install settings will be ignored.

See (Xilinx Answer 34746).

The stand-alone tools are supposed to check both of the two WebTalk files and evaluate the values found for both settings before deciding to transmit.

They too should ONLY transmit if both are found to be ON.

Known issue with WebTalk in Vivado 2015.1 standalone Xsim, SDK and standalone labtools:

  • In Vivado 2015.1, for the standalone Xsim, SDK and stand-alone labtools, the path to the "webtalksettings" install file was incorrect and the file was therefore not found.
    This resulted in the use of a default value of ON, which caused an inadvertent transmission.
  • In Vivado 2015.2, the directory location was corrected for these tools and the default Settings value was changed to OFF when/if the file is not found.

AR# 64657
Date 09/15/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
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