AR# 6469


2.1i Install - Design Manager crashes with an exception on startup


Keywords: dll, exception, design manager, MFC42, MSVCRT

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
On some PCs, after an install of the software, Design Manager will crash with an
exception (stack overflow). This appears to be caused by trying to access a
Microsoft DLL of a different version. The Installer puts all of the DLLs it needs in
the bin\nt directory, but that directory is written into the PATH after the
Operating System directories. So if the user has a non-compatible version of one
of the shared DLLs, then Design Manager will try to use it (because it is found
first in the PATH), and a stack overflow results.



The workaround is to move Xilinx before the Operating System directories, so that
our version is found before the incompatible ones. Another option is to remove
the offending DLLs from the System directory. This appears to be either

In the one case, we have:
MFC42.DLL -> 4.21.7303 (sys32) ; 4.21.7160(xilinx)
MSVCRT.DLL -> 5.00.7303(sys32); 5.00.7128(xilinx)

Our version of MFC42.dll represents Visual C++ 5.0, Service Pack 1, while the
version in the System32 directory represents VC++ 5.0, Service Pack 3. A
comparable version history for msvcrt couldn't be found.


If you have different version of DLL's, change to newest version.

My customer solution

I solved the problem by renaming mfc42.dll (version 5)in
xilinx\bin\nt so that it found a newer mfc42.dll in windows\system (version
AR# 6469
Date 12/17/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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