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Vivado PinPlanning - Useful information about .csv files


This Answer Record gives some useful information about the .csv file that is to be used in Vivado for Pin Planning.


Q1. What is .csv file?

A1. A .csv is a text file of comma-separated values format used in a variety of applications.

Q2. How do I create and edit a .csv file?

A2. A .csv file can be created and edited with Microsoft Excel, a text editor, or by using a programming language script such as Perl or Tcl.

Q3. How do I generate a template or an example of a .csv file?

A3. You can generate one from a simple Vivado RTL project by following the steps below:

  1. Create a simple Vivado RTL project with the target device you are going to use
  2. Open Elaborated Design
  3. Go to "File -> Export -> Export I/O Ports" and select CSV to export

Q4. Can PCB design tools export .csv file that can be directly used by Vivado?

A4. Some can, yes.

Many accept CSV or XLS files to automatically create PCB schematic symbols.

They can also export in that format.

For example, Mentor Graphics' I/O Designer (See (Xilinx Answer 47177))

Q5. The .csv file that is exported from Vivado contains all physical pins of the device, including the ones that are not used by the design.

Can those unused pins be removed from the .csv that is to be used in Vivado for Pin Planning?

A5. Yes, they can be removed.

Files which have them removed can be imported for pin planning to only specify ports and pins used in the design.

Q6. Does the pin order in a .csv matter for Pin Planning in Vivado?

A6. No, the pin order does not matter.
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Date 07/17/2015
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