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AR# 64982

2015.x install - Fatal error encountered while installing files


I am receiving the following error while installing Vivado 2015.2:

The following fatal error was encountered while installing files:
Error was encountered while extracting archive C:\Xilinx\Xilinx_Vivado_SDK_Win_2015.2_0626_1\payload\rdi_0094_2015.2_0626_1.xz
The possible reasons can be: the disk is full, you've exceeded disk quota, or the destination directory is too long.

The destination directory is not too long, the disk is not full, and I have not exceeded disk quota. 

How can I resolve this issue?




Some customers have reported this error condition due to their antivirus software. 

Once their IT have disabled the antivirus software, the installation finished correctly.


If you have an OS/antivirus program enabled that is checking and locking the file so that it cannot be extracted, please temporarily disable your antivirus to allow your installation to complete.


Some customers on a Linux OS have also identified the rootcause by checking their ~/.Xilinx/xinstall/xinstall_123456789.log file. From here you can detect that a file, (For example rdi_0094_2015.2_0626_1.xz) failed to be extracted into the Vivado_201X.X/.xinstall/xic directory (this can happen due to not having write permissions).

Deleting the ~/.Xilinx (i.e. /home/users/<user_name>/.Xilinx) directory and then trying it again has solved the issue for some users.


AR# 64982
Date 10/10/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.2
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
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