AR# 65011


SDSoC - Stale data for software baseline performance in performance estimation report


When performance estimation is run for the first time, there is no profiling data from the ARM-only (Software-only baseline) run of the application. 

When the SDSoC environment runs the application on the board to obtain the baseline software performance data, it stores the results in the file SDEstimate/swdata.xml.

If the application source is updated and the performance estimation is re-run, the SDSoC environment correctly indicates that the user should click the link to obtain the new software performance data.

However, it also uses the old swdata.xml to show the report in which estimated hardware performance is compared against the old software-only baseline performance.

This is incorrect behavior due to the update to the application source files, which might have resulted in changes to the software-only baseline performance.


Click on the link at the top of the report, which will run the application on the board and generate a new software-only performance data.

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AR# 65011
Date 07/17/2015
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