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AR# 65088

2015.2 UltraScale Partial Reconfiguration - The SLICE column adjacent to the IOB of the child Pblock is not snapped out of the Pblock's derived ranges like its parent RM Pblock


For a PR pblock, as long as you do not select IOB type, then the SLICE column adjacent to the IOB will be snapped out of the Pblock's derived ranges.

This behavior is not extending to its child Pblock, and the SLICE column adjacent to the IOB is still reserved for the child pblock.

The following error message will be reported for the mismatch of parent and child pblock:

[DRC 23-20] Rule violation (HDPR-23) Nested Pblock ranges must be a subset of parent Pblock ranges. - The child Pblock 'pblock_1' is not contained by the parent Pblock 'pblock_Transponder1'.
Child ranges 'RAMB36_X0Y57:RAMB36_X7Y83 RAMB18_X0Y114:RAMB18_X7Y167 DSP48E2_X0Y114:DSP48E2_X1Y167 SLICE_X7Y282:SLICE_X65Y419 '.
Parent ranges 'RAMB36_X0Y36:RAMB36_X14Y83 RAMB18_X0Y72:RAMB18_X14Y167 HARD_SYNC_X0Y6:HARD_SYNC_X29Y13 DSP48E2_X0Y72:DSP48E2_X3Y167 SLICE_X87Y180:SLICE_X115Y419 SLICE_X57Y180:SLICE_X85Y419 SLICE_X14Y180:SLICE_X55Y419 SLICE_X7Y180:SLICE_X11Y419 '.


To resolve this issue, add the missing ranges to the parent or child Pblock.

In Vivado 2015.3, the child pblock will inherit the property from the PR parent pblock and the SNAPPING will behave the same for both Pblocks.

AR# 65088
Date 08/26/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Kintex UltraScale
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.2
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