AR# 6513


9.1i FPGA Editor - How do I select and deselect objects?


How do I use mouse and keyboard combinations to select and deselect objects in a design?


Select Object and Deselect the rest of the Objects: 

- Single left mouse-button click 


Select/Deselect more than one Object  

- CTRL+ left mouse-button click 


Select more than One Object 

- Shift + left mouse-button click 


Deselect all Selected Objects 

- Left mouse-button click on empty space 


Open Block Window 

- Double-click the left mouse-button on the component 


Select the Net 

- CTRL + Shift + left mouse-button click on the segment 


Select Route-Throughs 

- CTRL + Shift + left mouse-button click on the site or component pin

AR# 6513
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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