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AR# 65162

Packaging - When using the V10 series of FloTHERM, Delphi model based simulations can have issues with divergence. Is there an issue with the Xilinx Delphi Thermal Models?


When using the V10 series of FLoTHERM there appears to be model divergence.

Is this related to the thermal models?


There are no known issues with the Xilinx Delphi Model, however there is an issue with the V10 series of FLoTHERM.

In all of the V10 series of FloTHERM, when a network assembly is placed in multiple locations in a FloTHERM model using the copy and paste functionality, the resistance data can be lost.

The V10 work-around is to avoid copy/paste with the network assemblies.

This defect was fixed in FloTHERM V11.0, so V11.0 or newer should be used for Delphi based thermal simulations.

Details of the issue can be found in FloTHERM Technote MG591127 on SupportNet:


AR# 65162
Date 08/11/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • FPGA Device Families
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