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PetaLinux 2015.2.1 - Product Update Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record acts as the release notes for the PetaLinux 2015.2 product update (2015.2.1) and contains links to information about resolved issues and updated collateral contained in this release.


PetaLinux 2015.2.1 includes the following changes:

Answer Record Number Answer Record Title
(Xilinx Answer 65261) PetaLinux 2015.2 - DMA Decode Error in APF Kernel Driver for SDSoC-Generated Designs
(Xilinx Answer 65282) PetaLinux 2015.2 - Device Tree Does Not Load The Proper Drivers for USB or Ethernet
(Xilinx Answer 65283) PetaLinux 2015.2 - Device Tree Generator Fails When Processing IP Blocks That Do Not Have Memory Maps
(Xilinx Answer 65284) PetaLinux 2015.2 - Device Tree Generator Incorrectly Sets FCLK Property to 0 Even When Design Uses FCLKs
(Xilinx Answer 65286) PetaLinux 2015.2 - USB Mass Storage Does Not Work Properly with the ChipIdea USB Driver
(Xilinx Answer 65287) PetaLinux 2015.2 - Open Source macb Ethernet Device Driver has Lower Performance Than emacps Driver
(Xilinx Answer 65288) PetaLinux 2015.2 - UG1144 Claims 32-Bit Hosts Are Supported But PetaLinux Fails to Install or Run
(Xilinx Answer 65289) PetaLinux 2015.2 - PetaLinux Fails To Install Due to Missing OpenSSL Dependency

PetaLinux 2015.2.1 contains the following build collateral:

Linux kernel version 3.19 (Git tag: xilinx-v2015.2.03)

U-Boot version 2015.04 (Git tag: xilinx-v2015.2 )

Xilinx device tree generator (Git tag: xilinx-v2015.2.02)

Note: While PetaLinux 2015.2.1 uses the same Linux kernel and U-Boot versions as PetaLinux 2015.2, there are fundamental differences in their configuration and patch set.

This prevents direct migration from PetaLinux 2015.2 to PetaLinux 2015.2.1. 

Direct use of a PetaLinux 2015.2 generated project with PetaLinux 2015.2.1 is not supported.

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