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AR# 65413

Vivado Synthesis: RLOC and BEL attributes not supported when accessing array of strings


Synthesized netlists do not have RLOC and BEL properties for the below RTL usage:

 genvar g; 
      for (g=0; g < n; g++) begin: regs
        localparam rlocpre = "X0Y";
        localparam byte rlocbyte = g/n + m;
        localparam rloc = {rlocpre,rlocbyte};  
         localparam bel[8] = {"AFF", "A5FF", "BFF", "B5FF", "CFF","C5FF", "DFF", "D5FF"};
    (* RLOC = rloc, BEL = bel[g%n] *) FDRE u(.C(clk), .D(d[g]), .Q(q[g]), .CE(1'b1), .R(1'b0)); end

The properties can be checked after loading the design or by writing an EDIF file.


Vivado Synthesis does not support RLOC and BEL usage in an array of string format.

To work around this issue, modify the RTL description to avoid array of string usage.

AR# 65413
Date 09/23/2016
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite
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