AR# 65472

SDSoC 2015.2.1 - Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record documents all of the known issues in the SDSoC 2015.2.1 tool upon release.


(Xilinx Answer 65473) SDSoC - Critical Warnings in SDSoC
(Xilinx Answer 64999) SDSoC - The SDSoC IDE Welcome screen does not work when using RHEL 5.9.
(Xilinx Answer 65004) SDSoC - RHEL Linux causing the SDSoC IDE to crash if connecting to a serial port from the SDSoC terminal
(Xilinx Answer 65005) SDSoC - The provided zc702_hdmi sample application can fail timing when synthesized
(Xilinx Answer 65007) SDSoC - Cancelling a build can cause indeterminate results
(Xilinx Answer 65476) SDSoC - Tools presents a copying error during any SDSoC action on Windows
(Xilinx Answer 65009) SDSoC - The Vivado/HSI export of the SDSoC platform hardware description is in beta in SDSoC 2015.2
(Xilinx Answer 65477) SDSoC - SDSoC variable name restrictions
(Xilinx Answer 65490) SDSoC - Debug Application link from SDSoC Project Overview does not work
(Xilinx Answer 65492) SDSoC - Unwanted cleaning of the SDSoC project
(Xilinx Answer 65524) SDSoC - sdscc/sds++ Command line Limitations

AR# 65472
Date 10/01/2015
Status Active
Type Release Notes