AR# 65473

SDSoC 2015.2.1 - Critical Warnings in SDSoC


The following Critical Warnings can be safely ignored.


CRITICAL WARNING: [BD 41-1348] Reset pin /hls_mmult_1/ap_rst_n (associated clock /hls_mmult_1/ap_clk) is connected to asynchronous reset source /mmult_1/aresetn

CRITICAL WARNING: [BD 41-1356] Address block </m_axi_gmem32/Reg> is not mapped into </hls_mmult_1/Data>. Please use Address Editor to map it.

CRITICAL WARNING: [BD 41-237] Bus Interface property MASTER_TYPE does not match between /mmult_1/AP_BRAM_IARG_0(OTHER) and /hls_mmult_1/b_PORTA(BRAM_CTRL)

AR# 65473
Date 09/24/2015
Status Active
Type General Article