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AR# 65539

SEMIP - What is the valid range of addresses for error injection by LFA targeting Virtex-6, 7 Series, and Zynq-7000 devices?


The SEM IP error injection capability is a useful feature that enables the following:

  • hardware-based evaluation of the SEM IP functionality
  • testing to confirm that the IP has been integrated into the larger design as intended,
  • testing of the larger design as intended
  • testing of the resilience of a design to random SEU events

When injecting errors into the configuration memory, Xilinx recommends that users follow the guidance described in (Xilinx Answer 61241)


For Virtex-6, 7 Series, and Zynq-7000 devices, the range of valid LFA for error injection and detection is from LFA 0000000 to LFA Maximum Frame (MF).

The maximum Frame value for the target device is available by using the "Status Report" command with the monitor interface. 

The values are also available in the tables below.

7 Series and Zynq 7000 Devices Max Frame (HEX)
7A15T 000011B6
7A35T 000011B6
7A50T 000011B6
7A75T 00001EE8
7A100T 00001EE8
7A200T 000049D7
7K70T 000016D0
7K160T 000031BF
7K325T 00005AE1
7K355T 00006712
7K410T 00007528
7K480T 0000896E
7VX330T 00006316
7VX415T 00007DA4
7VX485T 0000942B
7V550T 0000D168
7VH580T 00005F32
7V585T 00009F76
7VX690T 0000D168
7VH870T 00005F32
7VX980T 00011143
7VX1140T 00005F32
7V2000T 00007A23
7Z010 00000F9C
7Z015 00001BC4
7Z020 00001F0C
7Z030 00002BAB
7Z035 0000666B
7Z045 0000666B
7Z100 00008478

Virtex- 6 Devices Max Frame (HEX)
6VCX75T 0001DF2
6VCX130T 00031EA
6VCX195T 0004874
6VCX240T 00056F2
6VHX250T 0005A22
6VHX255T 0005A22
6VHX380T 0008734
6VHX565T 000BD58
6VLX75T 0001DF2
6VLX130T 00031EA
6VLX195T 0004874
6VLX240T 00056F2
6VLX365T 0007954
6VLX550T 000B5FF
6VLX760 000F07F
6VSX315T 000740E
6VSX475T 000AE16
AR# 65539
Date 10/19/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • FPGA Device Families
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