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AR# 65590

2015.4 Partial Reconfiguration Decoupler IP - Version 1.1 Known Issues


This article covers changes in version 1.1 of the Partial Reconfiguration Decoupler IP.


  • Removed support for FREQ_HZ on clocks that appear within interfaces. This was incompatible with other IP and IPI.
  • Made the CONFIG.VLNV property case sensitive to match other parts of the tool flow.
  • Fixed a bug in IPI where manually managed disabled signals were re-enabled after validation.
  • Fixed a bug where optional AXI4LITE signals were not enabled after IPI validation.
  • Fixed a bug in IPI validation. The READ_WRITE_MODE was not being used to control signal presence.
  • Fixed a bug in IPI validation. Interface parameters were not being pushed onto the slave interfaces, so they were not being propagated.
  • Fixed a bug in IPI where write_bd_tcl would create a file that did not contain the decoupler's configuration information.
AR# 65590
Date 12/08/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.3
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