AR# 6571


1.5i Map - ERROR:x4kma:339 - The CY4 symbol has no signal connected to A0.


Keywords: Error, x4kma, 339, CY4, A0, ngdbuild, carry, ADD-G-F1

Urgency: Standard

General Description: The following error can occur in map

ERROR:x4kma:339 - The CY4 symbol "signal_name" (output
signal=signal_name) has no signal connected to A0.
This pin must be connected based on carry moded ADD-G-F1

A possible cause of this error is the incorrect connection of a
non-GSR signal to GSR pins on symbols (DFF's in this case) in
the design. NGDBUILD assumes that only a GSR signal will be
connected to these pins, so it removes the entire signal including
the connections to the CY4 symbols involved in the error, leading to
the error.



This error will also occur if there are missing connections in the design
(i.e. undriven signals or buses). The designer will need to find the
is a impeding signals and modify the design.


Ensure that there are not any non-GSR signals connected to the GSR
net. If the design is a schematic design, this should be straight forward.
If it is a HDL design, verify that the code is correct. Also, verify that the
XNF does not contain any incorrect GSR connections. An example from
an XNF is:

PIN, GSR, I, signal_name,

If there are no incorrect connections to the GSR in the design, and yet
the XNF still contains them, it is possible to simply delete these
references in the XNF. This workaround will allow the design to be
properly implemented, and still contain the exact functionality desired.

AR# 6571
Date 03/27/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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