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AR# 65787

RLDRAM3 IP - Calibration failures can occur when Data Mask (DM) is disabled


Version Found: v1.0

Version Resolved: See (Xilinx Answer 58435)

When data mask is disabled (DM_PORT=OFF) in the RLDRAM3 IP, DM calibration is not properly disabled.

Also, the mapping of I/O internal to the IP can be mapped incorrectly which can cause calibration failures.


This issue only occurs when data mask is disabled.

To fix the issue set the following parameter inside rld3_v1_0_rld3_mem_intfc.sv:

parameter DM_PORT = "OFF"

When using the Out of Context flow for the RLDRAM3 IP or if you plan to regenerate the RLDRAM3 IP multiple times, a User IP Repository can be created by copying the RLDRAM3 IP install (i.e. C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.3\data\ip\xilinx\rld3_v1_0) and making edits to rld3_v1_0_rld3_mem_intfc.sv.

For more details on using the User IP Repository flow, refer to (UG1119).


Revision History:

10/26/2015 - Initial Release

AR# 65787
Date 11/24/2015
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Type Known Issues
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