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AR# 66152

2015.2.1 Petalinux - Selecting ncurses-tools package for rootfs causes errors during petalinux-build


Selecting the ncurses-tools package in the menuconfig for petalinux-config -c rootfs will result in output similar to the following:

[ALL ] Setting up util-linux-hwclock (2.25.2-r1) ...
[ALL ] update-alternatives: Linking /home/ra/bcapps/Projects/SDI_Platforms/zc702_osd/zc702_osd_sdi/build/linux/rootfs/stage/sbin/hwclock to /bin/busybox.nosuid
[ERROR] Errors were encountered while processing:
[ALL ] ncurses-tools
[ERROR] E: Sub-process /proj/gsd/petalinux/2015.2.1/tools/packagemanager/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
[ERROR] make[3]: *** [.pkg_stagefs] Error 255
[ALL ] make[3]: Leaving directory `/group/bcapps/ra/Projects/SDI_Platforms/zc702_osd/zc702_osd_sdi/build/linux/rootfs/packages-repo'
[ERROR] make[2]: *** [sub_build_component_/none/packages-repo/single/plnx-repo] Error 2
[ALL ] make[2]: Leaving directory `/group/bcapps/ra/Projects/SDI_Platforms/zc702_osd/zc702_osd_sdi/build/linux/rootfs'
[ERROR] make[1]: *** [sub_build_component_/none/rootfs/single/petalinux-rootfs] Error 2
[ALL ] make[1]: Leaving directory `/group/bcapps/ra/Projects/SDI_Platforms/zc702_osd/zc702_osd_sdi/build/linux'

Deselecting the ncurses-tools package allows the build to complete successfully.


This issue is now resolved in Petalinux 2015.4

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AR# 66152
Date 12/15/2015
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