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AR# 66178

2015.4 XSDK, OpenAMP - Running FreeRTOS OpenAMP apps display an assert error saying “Assert failed in file port.c, line 410” when exiting the application.


An assert message saying Assert failed in file port.c, line 410 can occur when exiting a running FreeRTOS OpenAMP application.


This message can safely be ignored and is simply an indication that the code was compiled with debug asserts enabled.

When a call is made to stop the FreeRTOS scheduler, this warning tells the developer that the call to vTaskStartScheduler() is to return and will be caught.

This is done in our demo application with an infinite while(1) loop; it is therefore safe to ignore this warning.

Alternatively, you can disable this assert and all other potential FreeRTOS asserts by doing the following:

  1. Use XSDK to open the BSP project
  2. Open the system.mss file and click on the "Modify this BSPs Settings" button
  3. In the popup window left pane, select freertos<version>_xilinx
  4. Expand kernel_features
  5. Change use_freertos_asserts from true to false
  6. Recompile


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AR# 66178
Date 01/04/2016
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