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AR# 66218

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Processing System IP - psu_init flow is not working due to differences between psu_int.c and psu_init.tcl


The configuration/entry to de-assert the Software controlled reset register for the LPD block, LPD IOU, and FPD Block level (afi_fm5_reset afi_fm4_reset afi_fm3_reset afi_fm2_reset afi_fm1_reset afi_fm0_reset) are not present in psu_init.tcl.

psu_int.c (fsbl) does contain these entries.

As a result, the psu_init.tcl flow does not work when these blocks are used in the design.

Example: PS-PL interface


This issue is expected to be fixed in 2016.1.


  1. Use FSBL instead of the Tcl flow
  2. Update psu_init.tcl manually using the steps below (Only Applicable for non DDR systems)
    1. Open the psu_init.tcl file in the HW Platform folder in SDK workspace, and search for the psu_init proc.
    2. Replace this with the code below:

         proc psu_init {} {
           variable psu_mio_init_data 
           variable psu_pll_init_data
           variable psu_clock_init_data
           variable psu_peripherals_init_data
           variable psu_resetin_init_data
           variable psu_resetout_init_data
           variable psu_serdes_init_data
           variable psu_resetin_init_data
           variable psu_peripherals_powerdwn_data
           variable psu_security_data
           # psu_ddr_phybringup_data
          init_ps [subst {$psu_mio_init_data $psu_pll_init_data $psu_clock_init_data }]
          init_ps [subst {$psu_peripherals_init_data $psu_resetin_init_data }]
          init_ps [subst {$psu_serdes_init_data $psu_resetout_init_data }]
          init_ps [subst {$psu_peripherals_powerdwn_data $psu_security_data }]

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AR# 66218
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