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Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, ZCU102 Evaluation Kit - Preliminary ZCU102 Getting Started Document


How do I start using a ZCU102 demonstration board with Vivado 2016.1 or 2016.2?


Note: This Answer record is deprecated, and you should follow (UG1137) for guidance on using the ZCU102 board.

The following tutorial is attached for operation of a ZCU102 board:

2016 ZCU102 board bring-up (

Included in the attached ZIP file is a PDF with the complete design flow for board bring-up in Vivado 2016. It covers the following:

  • Hardware Build (scripted)
  • Software Applications Build (scripted)
  • Linux image build (OSL)
  • Booting from SD / JTAG
  • QEMU evaluation


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