AR# 66259

SDSoC - SDSoC 2015.4 - Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record is to document all of the known issues in the SDSoC 2015.4 tool upon release.


(Xilinx Answer 66265) SDSoC - Is SDSoC Event Tracing supported
(Xilinx Answer 64999) SDSoC - SDSoC IDE Welcome screen does not work when using RHEL 5.9
(Xilinx Answer 65004) SDSoC - RHEL Linux causing the SDSoC IDE to crash if connecting to a serial port from the SDSoC terminal  
(Xilinx Answer 65007) SDSoC - Cancelling a build can cause indeterminate results
(Xilinx Answer 65008) SDSoC - Users might experience copying errors due to exceeding the windows character limit of 260
(Xilinx Answer 65477) SDSoC - SDSoC variable name restrictions
(Xilinx Answer 66266) SDSoC - Standalone application cannot write the filesystem on the SD card
(Xilinx Answer 66413) SDSoC -  Performance estimation for Linux target applications fails to generate a report file after running instrumented code on target
(Xilinx Answer 66414) SDSoC -  Performance estimation for projects imported from a previous release of the tools does not work

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AR# 66259
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