AR# 664

Programmer reports bad checksum for BG225 .PRG file


Programmer reports a bad checksum in the second line of a .PRG file that was
compiled for a BG225 package.


MAKEPRG v5.1 incorrectly calculates the last two bytes of the second line of
the .PRG file.

There is an executable called hpreport.exe (PC) or hpreport (workstation)
that is called by MAKEPRG and is causing this problem.

There are fixed versions on the BBS called (PC) and hpreport.Z

The respective file should be unpacked with PKUNZIP or UNCOMPRESS and
placed in the XACT directory (PC) or the $XACT/bin/sparc directory (Sun).
AR# 664
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article