AR# 6654


M1.5is2/NGDBUILD: ERROR:basnu:93 - logical block "<blockname>" of type "f402" is unexpanded


Keywords: NGDBUILD, F, unexpanded, logical block, basnu, Sypopsys, FPGA Compiler,
Design Compiler

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When attempting to implement a design created by Synopsys' FPGA Compiler or
Design Compiler, the above error appears during the Translate stage (NGDBUILD).
The translation report references the error message mentioned above. The report
may mentions other numbers as well, i.e f331, f86. They will all begin with "F".

The unexpanded error message means that the componenents mentioned are not in
the Unified Libraries and NGDBUILD is unable to find the non-library component's netlist.



These errors will occur if the design name is .EDIF or .XNF format. Adding an "S" to
the netlist extension will eliminate the problem.

If the the netlist was in .EDIF format, change it to .SEDIF.
If the the netlist was in .XNF format, change it to .SXNF.

Changing the extension will force NGDBUILD to run with the Synopsys rules. These
components will then be recognized and processed correctly.

Use the sample run scripts in $XILINX/synopsys/examples when using FPGA Compiler
and Design Compiler. These scripts document the proper flow for Xilinx designs using
Synopsys compilers.


In NGDBUILD there is a -l switch used to specify libraries. In this case, you would
want to specify the Synopsys libraries.

A sample command line would look like

ngdbuild -p xc4085-3xlbg432 -l synopsys D:\dinin\chip.edif chip.ncd
AR# 6654
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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