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Virtex UltraScale FPGA VCU110 Evaluation Kit - What silicon do I have on my VCU110?


How can I tell what version of silicon I have on my VCU110 Evaluation Kit?


The silicon on your VCU110 Evaluation Kit can be identified in one of two ways:

1) IDCODE Check

2) 043xxxx Sticker Check


1) IDCODE Check

The IDCODE of the XCVU190 device on your VCU110 board can identify the version of silicon on the board. To read the IDCODE of the XCVU190 device, Hardware Manager in Vivado should be used.

When you open Hardware Manager, connect to the target, and then check the Hardware Device Properties on the left hand side of the GUI. The Hardware Device Properties window includes the ID code of the part.

For example:



Once you have made a note of the ID code of the device on your board, you can then use the table below to confirm the silicon on your board:



2) 043xxxx Sticker Check

The silicon version of the VCU110 can also be identified using the sticker on the board that includes the 043xxxx number. Each VCU110 has a sticker with a 043 part number:


  • VCU110 boards which have a part number beginning with 0431880-xx-xxxx have ES2 silicon on board.
  • VCU110 boards which have a part number beginning with 0431986-xx-xxxx have ES3 silicon on board.

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