AR# 6660


2.1i Design Manager - The server threw an exception


Keywords: flow engine, died, come up

Urgency: HOT


Attempting to implement a design, either a dialog box titled
"Flow Engine" appears with the text: "The server threw an
exception" , or the FE.LOG file displays the aforementioned
text at the end its report.


This issue has been resolved in the latest 2.1i Service Pack available at:

Previous Workaround:

This error indicates that there was an intertool communication
failure that took place.

1) Attempt a reboot of your system to resolve the issue.

2) Try the following:

a)First make sure the process "revengine.exe"
is not running. Shut down the Design Manager
or press Ctrl-Alt-Del and take a look at Task
Manager. End the process if need be.

b)Bring up a DOS shell and make sure that you
are pointing to the correct Xilinx toolset (type in
"path" and verify that %XILINX%/bin/nt is found).

c)Type in "revengine.exe /reg", then invoke the
Design Manager from within this same DOS session.

NOTE: The application "revengine.exe" is found under
the installed directory %XILINX%\bin\nt.

3) If you are accessing design files that are stored on
a network, bring those files over to you local machine,
then attempt an implementation of your design.
AR# 6660
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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