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LogiCORE IP Video Processing Subsystem v1.0 - Core fails to generate properly


I am trying to use the Video Processing Subsystem v1.0 in Vivado on Windows. However, the core seems to have intermittent failure behavior when I try to generate output products.

Sometimes it reports a meaningless error and sometimes it tells me my path length is too long. What is the cause of this behavior?


The Video Processing Subsystem is susceptible to the Windows path length restriction described in (Xilinx Answer 52787)

If you see this type of behavior on Windows, the current recommended work-around is to run the reset_project Tcl command to delete all Vivado-generated files (to put the project in a known good state) and then move the project to a temporary directory with a shorter path length such as C:/test.

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AR# 66692
Date 03/22/2016
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