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AR# 66798

ID Code Looping Test in Vivado


In iMPACT, there is an ID Code Looping test for testing the JTAG connection. Is there any similar functionality in Vivado?


Vivado does not have an ID Code Looping test. However, this could be done using a Tcl script.

Source the attached Tcl script file "idcode_loop.tcl"

Then input the following command:

idcode_loop num index

The first argument "num" is the loop number.

The second argument "index" is the device index on the chain. This argument is optional, and the default value is 0, which means the first device on the chain.

For example:

idcode_loop 1000

The idcode will be checked 1000 times, the device is the first device on the chain.

idcode_loop 10 2

The ID Code on the third device on the chain will be checked 10 times.


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AR# 66798
Date 04/01/2016
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