AR# 6688


3.1i XST- Error: File not found part.err. Done: failed with exit code: 0002 --ISE and Web Pack installed on the same computer


Keywords: XST, ISE, exit, code, 0002, Web, Pack

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
If you have ISE and Web Pack installed on the same computer, you may encounter the following:

Starting low level synthesis...
PROJECT.edn file not found.

Done: failed with exit code: 0002.


Error: File not found part.err



There is a coexistence problem with Web Pack version 2.1i and FISE 3.1i. This
older version of Web Pack sets a variable PLS_HOME which conflicts with XST 3.1i.
The current version of Web Pack does not set PLS_HOME; if you use Web Pack, please download the latest version from:

and remove PLS_HOME.


If you have to use the version of Web Pack that is installed on your computer,
you can set the two following variables to overcome the coexistent problem:

set XST_EXE=%XILINX\bin\nt
set XST_HOME=%XILINX\data\HDLSynthesis\nt
AR# 6688
Date 08/20/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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