AR# 67268


SDSoC - 2016.1 – Clock information incorrect or missing in the SDSoC Project Overview, platform summary incorrect


If I select "Other" for the platform in the 2016.1 SDSoC Project wizard, the SDSoC Project Overview clock drop-down menus are empty in the Overview tab and clock information is missing in the Platform tab.

In addition, the SDSoC Project wizard platform summary text might be incorrect.


To work around this issue, uninstall SDSoC 2016.1 (Software Build on May 9, 2016), then download and install the latest SDSoC 2016.1 (Software Build on May 20, 2016).

To see which version of SDSoC 2016.1 is installed, type the command sdsoc version in an SDSoC 2016.1 Terminal or in a shell running the SDSoC environment.

AR# 67268
Date 05/28/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
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