AR# 67292


HDMI RX Subsystem v2.0 - HDMI RX Subsystem incorrectly detects 1080p 16-bits bpc video source


When the VIC code is 0, the resolution is detected incorrectly. The missing pixel number depends on the pixels per clock value. 

For quad pixels per clock, it detects as 1916x1080, for two pixels per clock, it detects as 1918x1080.

This issue can be reproduced by using a SONY Blue Ray player or the QuantumData HDMI Analyzer.

Why do I see this problem?


This issue affects 1080p with 16-bits bpc only. Other color depths do not have this problem.

This issue has been fixed in the HDMI RX Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 1) in Vivado 2016.2.

AR# 67292
Date 07/08/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
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