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AR# 67322

Zynq-7000 BFM - Fatal: (SIGSEGV) Bad handle or reference during BFM API calls


When calling a read_burst API command to the Zynq-7000 Bus Functional Model the following error occurs:

# [21240] : M_AXI_GP0 : *ZYNQ_BFM_INFO : Starting Address(0x0) -> AXI Read -> 4 bytes
# ** Fatal: (SIGSEGV) Bad handle or reference.
#    Time: 21240 ns  Iteration: 7  Protected: processing_system7_0/inst/M_AXI_GP0/master/<protected> File: processing_system7_bfm_v2_0/hdl/processing_system7_bfm_v2_0_axi_master.v
# ** Fatal: (vsim-8324) Parameter 11 is bad. This may involve a null ref handle.

#    Time: 21240 ns  Iteration: 7  Process: /er_proc_pkg::er_proc_driver #(32, 32)::get_and_drive/#FORK#199_751b3b5 File:processing_system7_bfm_v2_0/hdl/processing_system7_bfm_v2_0_axi_master.v
# Fatal error in Module processing_system7_bfm_v2_0_5_axi_master in fileprocessing_system7_bfm_v2_0/hdl/processing_system7_bfm_v2_0_axi_master.v

How do I resolve this error?


For Mentor simulators, consider adding the -sv swich to vlog to change Verilog language behavior. The Zynq BFM uses a construct where the SystemVerilog LRM-compliant behavior is subtly different from the traditional Verilog behavior.

This can also be caused by incorrect use of the API call.

For example, the write_burst() and read_burst() function must be passed with 1024-bit sized data variables:

reg[1023:0] rd1;
reg [1:0] wrresp,rdresp;

AR# 67322
Date 08/02/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • AXI Bus Functional Model
  • Processing System 7
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