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PetaLinux 2016.2 - Product Update Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record acts as the release notes for PetaLinux 2016.2 and contains links to information about resolved issues and updated collateral contained in this release.


PetaLinux 2016.2 contains the following build collateral:

ComponentTag NameComments

PetaLinux 2016.2 New Features:


Comparison of the log between the 2016.1 and 2016.2 kernels can be found here:


Please refer to the change log here:


Answer Record NumberAnswer Record Title
(Xilinx Answer 67411)Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: 2016.2 FSBL, Added Boot time/performance measurement feature
(Xilinx Answer 67412)Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: 2016.2 FSBL, Added DDR ECC Initialization feature

Bare-metal, Linux and u-boot

Answer Record NumberAnswer Record Title
(Xilinx Answer 67413) Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: Added software support in 2016.2 for eMMC MTFC64GJDDN-4M IT

Linux Driver

  • Added support for Error Detection And Correction (EDAC) support for OCM.
  • Added EDAC support for DDR controller in PS block for Zynq MPSoC devices.
  • Added support for Quad SPI mode when using AXI QSPI IP

Known Issues for 2016.2

Linux/StandaloneApplicationDescriptionWork-aroundTo be fixed version
Linux and StandalonePMUFW2016.2 PMUFW - RPU1 suspend/resume operation does not work
(Xilinx Answer 67418)2016.3
LinuxPetaLinux 2016.2 PetaLinux - Installer Automatically Appends Sub-Directory to Target Installation Path (Xilinx Answer 67416) 2016.3
Linux and StandaloneFSBLFSBL unable to load PMUFW in SD boot mode(Xilinx Answer 67414)2016.3
LinuxXENXEN test is not working on Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC boards in QEMU
(Xilinx Answer 67420)2016.3
LinuxLibrariesZCU102 vector in TCM failed to Jump to text in OCM on R5-1 corenone2016.3
LinuxPetaLinuxPetaLinux, Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: Ethernet link between ZCU102 and a host machine at 100M/Full does not work (Xilinx Answer 66553)2016.3
LinuxPetaLinux2016.2 PetaLinux - PetaLinux Install require 32-bit compatible libraries to be installed (Xilinx Answer 67503)2016.3

2016.2 Bug Fixes

Linux/StandaloneApplicationDescriptionCR#To be fixed version
StandaloneDriversThe "MsaConfig->InitWait" calculation remains the same for RGB and YUV444.9497732016.2
StandaloneDriversUpdate the DisplayPort SS TX driver to set the MSA to asynchronous mode9497722016.2
AR# 67409
Date 10/19/2016
Status Active
Type Release Notes
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