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SDSoC - Passing command line arguments to executable with Performance Estimation


The SDSoC Environment Performance Estimation report 'Click Here' link does not provide a direct way to pass arguments to the instrumented ELF.


When an instrumented ELF running on Linux requires command line arguments, you must explicitly create a run configuration. 

In the Project Explorer, right click on the project and select Run As > Run Configurations.

Right click on Xilinx SDSoC Run Performance Estimation, create a new run configuration, add the Program Arguments in the arguments tab, and click Apply (do not click Run).

You can also set other run configuration settings if needed. When you click the "Click Here" link in the SDSoC Performance Estimation report, select this run configuration when the Run Application dialog appears (if required). 

The command line arguments will then be passed to the instrumented ELF to collect the software run time before generating the estimation report.

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AR# 67523
Date 07/13/2016
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