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AR# 67741

LogiCORE IP Video On Screen Display (OSD) v6.0 - Why do I see jagged lines when using the OSD as a Graphics Controller only?


Why do I see jagged lines when using the On Screen Display (OSD) as a Graphics Controller only?


This is a known issue that is exhibited because the Video On Screen Display is not responding correctly to throttling from down stream logic, when the TREADY is deasserted.

This cause the pixels to be shifted to the left on consecutive lines, creating a jagged effect on the output from the OSD.

You can work around this issue by adding an AXI4-Stream interface that is connected to proper control logic.

The data can be tied to zeros, and the layer alpha set to zero when configuring the OSD, so that only the Graphics Controller layer is output.

AR# 67741
Date 08/26/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • On-Screen Display
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