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AR# 67750

Vivado 2016.3/2016.4, AXI BFM, Zynq-7000 BFM - License failure when running command-line simulations


When simulating a design using the AXI BFM or Zynq-7000 BFM core from a command-line outside of the Vivado GUI, an error occurs regarding licensing or missing PLI which did not occur in earlier versions.

For Questa/ModelSim, the error is similar to the following:

# BFM Xilinx: License failed for Xilinx_AXI_BFM, version 2010.100000
# ** Note: $finish    : nofile(36)
# Loading cdn_axi4_lite_master_bfm_wrap_v2_01_a.cdn_axi4_lite_master_bfm_wrap
# ** Warning: (vsim-PLI-3003) nofile(36): [TOFD] - System task or function '$xilinx_lic_check' is not defined.

For IES, the error might be as follows:

ncsim: *E,ERRIPR: error within protected source code.

How do I resolve this error?


To support more recent operating systems, it was required to remove the BFM PLI executables from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This requires the user to re-add the path when performing BFM simulations.

The LD_LIBRARY_PATH can be set to a directory similar to $XILINX_VIVADO/2016.3/lib/lnx64.0

User simulation scripts should be updated to set this environment variable.

This issue will not be resolved.

AR# 67750
Date 12/19/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • AXI Bus Functional Model
  • Processing System 7
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